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Proudly introducing our ONLINE SERVICE (Wright Real Estate - Scarborough Office only)

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Your new tenant portal for all payment and tenancy details.

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Why Rent Through Wright Real Estate? Because We Don’t Treat You Like a Tenant.

We treat you like a person…

Our goal is to never neglect the needs and desires of a tenant. At Wright Real Estate, we believe in ensuring the same fantastic service is delivered to anyone we do business with, being a property owner or tenant.

We believe the search for a rental home should be… 

Easy… We have designed our website to be as simple as possible!

Stress free… We have a property alert system that takes the stress out of constantly searching our website!

Convenient… You can view the rental property either at our listed Home Open times or by appointment at a time convenient to you.

Click here to search through our current rentals using our Property Search feature.

So What about Once I Have Chosen My Dream Property?

The service does not stop here. Our team are fully trained in every aspect of Property Management and will guide you through the leasing process to ensure your move is as smooth as possible.

What If My Home Needs Maintenance or Repairs?

Our knowledgeable Property Managers, who are amongst the most experienced in Perth, ensure all properties are maintained in the best possible condition. If there is a particular maintenance issue you would like to raise to your Property Manager, please feel free to complete the maintenance request form, alternatively email your Property Manager direct.  

And What If I Have an Emergency out of Office Hours?

We even have an out of hour’s number to be contacted in case of emergency. It is important to know what constitutes an urgent repair. The Residential Tenancies Act for Western Australia states that the following constitute an emergency repair:

  • A burst water pipe or broken hot water system
  • A gas leak or electrical fault likely to endanger people or damage the property
  • A sewerage system blockage or broken sewerage fitting
  • Damage from flooding, storms or fire
  • A broken major appliance such as stove or refrigerator (if included in the tenancy)

Scarborough Office: 0411 551 909 (Emergency Phone)

Scarborough Property Managers: Our Property Management team comprises of Kodie Belcastro, Jessamine Lawrie and Deborah Marlowe. 

If you would like to know more about your rights and obligations as a tenant, click here to view the Residential Tenancies Act of WA (1987)

Residential Tenancies Act WA 1987 

Doubleview Office: (Emergency Phone - please contact your Property Manager)

Doubleview Property Managers: Kylie Robinson 6240 1821 and Charlotte Bull 6240 1820.

If you would like to know more about your rights and obligations as a tenant, click here to view the Residential Tenancies Act of WA (1987)

Residential Tenancies Act WA 1987 

What about When I Leave My Property?

We are sorry that you wish to vacate, however sometimes good things must come to an end for great things to begin. That is why we have taken measures to assist in your move where possible and ensure you have the tools required for this transition to be seamless. Our Property Managers will coach you through the process of receiving your bond back, including guidance on how your home must be presented at the time of vacating. We even have a trusty cleaning checklist to ensure you are fully prepared for your move.

How to Get a Full Bond Refund

Vacate Cleaning Checklist

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