You’ve made the big decision to buy or lease a house and it’s time to pack up and make the big move.  Apart from the obvious arrangements to be made there is the human side of moving that is often the forgotten element.

Whether you are moving for the first time or for the “I lost count how many times” it can be a very stressful time, in fact it is high on the list of the Most Stressful Times in your life.

And moving with kids – that tops the list!  This is a very emotional time.

This can be daunting and overwhelming for children of all ages and can be as stressful as divorce or death.  Preparing your children for the move is definitely a high priority.

Smaller children love routine and familiarity and may not fully understand what is happening. They may feel confused and be unsettled.

It is important to spend extra time with them and talk about the move – maybe get them to help pack up their toys etc and introduce them to their new home (if possible) and make sure they feel secure.

Older children may struggle with the move – leaving neighbourhood friends behind, changing to a new school, moving to another State.

It is important to keep the communication lines open and be honest. Let them express how they feel about the move.

There are a lot of ways you can try and make the whole process run as smoothly as possible and ease the strain.

Here are some tips from the experts

Before the Move – Have a family meeting (with children old enough) talk about the move, share the excitement of the new area by doing some research, tell your kids about your previous moves and reassure them

Decluttering & Packing –  Get the kids to help de-clutter (sort into donate, sell, rubbish & keep) let them decorate their packing boxes, leave their favourite toys out until the last minute, take their beds down & camp out on their mattresses for the last week

Moving Day – Pack a picnic basket with snacks and drinks (you will all need a break) makes life easier if they are easily accessible, have a box with tools, tape, tissues etc (this is essential), USE A REMOVALIST – IT WILL MAKE THE MOVE SMOOTH!

The New House –  It’s a really good idea to set the beds up first (make sure you have tools & linen handy) this will make the kids feel at home – you will thank yourself later in the day, get the fridge up & running, kitchen & bathroom essentials (make these a priority), enlist help from friends and family

There are so many things to consider and factor in –

moving with pets, moving in the rain or a really hot day, things that are hard to move, moving insurance, how to load/unload a truck (if DIY)….the list is long and all these things can make your move even more challenging.

Always remember to try and stay calm (your kids will just feel your anxiety)

Unpack the important things first (the rest can wait) it will all be worth it in the long run

Sometimes children will feel sad when saying goodbye to their old home – this is not uncommon

Give it time

Happy Moving

Written by Kim Zimmer August 2017