Winter Warmers


Winter Warmers

A Little Help From Nature

Take advantage of the warmth of the sun….. Leave your curtains and blinds open during the day to allow the natural sunlight to warm up your home throughout the day. Then once the sun goes down, close all window coverings so they act as insulators to keep the heat energy the sun generated through the window during the day inside.

Have you ever thought that all that winter cooking can heat up a room.  The heat that is generated from cooking can be put to good use by leaving your oven door slightly open after you have finished – this will help warm up your kitchen & living area.  The heat is there anyway so you may as well use it and cut down on using your heater.

Check Your Heater

We all have to use our heaters on most cold days at some point during winter so it’s a good idea to have your gas heater serviced every 1 to 2 years.  It is far more beneficial and economical to have your heating system working efficiently….it will save you $$$$.

Electrical heaters should be also checked for damaged cords or fans/bars and the age of the heater.

 Block those Draughts

Most of the heat loss around the home is through leakage. Check for gaps around your windows and door frames and patch them up if need be  –   use draught strips or use an old fashioned door snake along the bottom of draughty doors to block off the cold air flow.  A little bit of effort can go a long way and save you money in the long run.


A large percentage of your home’s heat loss in winter occurs through the ceiling.  Insulating your home is essential to trap the heat in winter and cool in summer.  If you live in an older property and really feel the chill in winter, it might be worth considering retrofitting insulation to your ceiling. Your heating (and cooling come summer) energy bills will thank you for it!

Little Luxuries

Ceiling fans are not only useful in summer, they’re also an asset in winter time for circulating hot air in your home. Most modern ceiling fans come with a reverse winter setting where the fan pushes the hot air that accumulates near the ceiling downwards into the room.

 To look forward to rather than dread your winter morning shower routine, think about adding underfloor heating, heat lamps and heated towel rails to your bathroom. There’s nothing better than warming up in a toasty dry towel after a shower to start the day.

Dress Up to Warm Up

It is always a good idea to keep yourself warm with correct clothing and footwear to minimise your heating costs as well.  Socks/slippers/long pants/long sleeve shirts/jumpers/jackets/mittens/beanies/scarves and a nice rug on the couch will all help in keeping you warm this winter!  Toasty toes…….

We hope these tips get you on track to creating a warmer and more efficient home this winter. So just relax on the couch watch some Netflix with a hot coffee whilst your casserole is cooking away warming up the kitchen!  Bon Appetit!

Written by Kim Zimmer